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12th Standard English Medium Physics Reduced syllabus Two mark important Questions with Answer key - 2021(Public Exam )

12th Standard

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    2 Marks

    50 x 2 = 100
  1. Define ‘electrostatic potential energy’.

  2. What are Non-polar molecules

  3. What is dielectric breakdown.

  4. What is the electric flux through a cube of side 1cm which encloses on electric dipole?

  5. A particle of mass m and charge (-q) enters the region between the two charged plates initrally moving along X-axis with speed Vx as shown in figure. The length of plate is L and an uniform electric field E is maintained between the plates. S.T. vertical deflection of the particle at the far edge of the plate is \(\frac { q{ EL }^{ 2 } }{ 2m{ V }_{ x }^{ 2 } } \).

  6. Why current is a scalar?

  7. What is electric power and electric energy?

  8. What do you mean by end resistance? How can it be rectified?

  9. Why are resistor connected in series and in parallel (i) To increase the resistor of the circuit. the resistor are connected in series.

  10. Define magnetic dipole moment.

  11. What is meant by
    (i) Geographic axis
    (ii) Geographic meridian &
    (iii) Geographic equator

  12. State Right hand thumb rule.

  13. State Maxwell's right hand cork screw rule?

  14. Write the Limitations of cyclotron?

  15. . Explain the concept of velocity selector.

  16. How is a galvanometer converted into (i) an ammeter and (ii) a voltmeter?

  17. State Lenz’s law.

  18. How is Eddy current produced? How do they flow in a conductor?

  19. Define electric resonance

  20. How will you define Q-factor?

  21. What is meant by Sinusoidal alternating voltage and current? Give its expression

  22. When does the phenomenon of resonance is possibble in the circuit?

  23. What is waltless current?

  24. What are electromagnetic waves?

  25. Write down the integral form of modified Ampere’s circuital law.

  26. What is angle of deviation due to refraction?

  27. What is relative refractive index?

  28. Write a note on optical fibre.

  29. What are primary focus and secondary focus of convex lens?

  30. What is meant by focal plane?

  31. What is total internal reflection?

  32. A ray of light incident on a concave lens becomes parallel to the principal axis after refraction.Show this situation with the help of a ray diagram.

  33. What is a photo cell? Mention the different types of photocells.

  34. Name an experiment which shows wave nature of the electron. Which phenomenon was observedin this experiment using an electron beam?

  35. A proton and a deuteron have the same velocity, what is the ratio of their de Broglie wavelengths?

  36. What is meant by excitation energy?

  37. What is distance of dosest approach?

  38. Write a general notation of nucleus of element X. What each term denotes?

  39. Classify the neutrons according to their kinetic energy.

  40. Distinguish between Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.

  41. What kind of blueprint does the natural structure provide?

  42. What is the significance of electromagnetic wave theory of light?

  43. State Huygens’ principle

  44. Discuss the special cases on first minimum in Fraunhofer diffraction.

  45. What is a diffraction grating?

  46. What are plane polarised, unpolarised and partially polarised light?

  47. Which of the following waves can be polarized
    (i) Heat waves
    (ii) Sound waves? Give reason to support your answer

  48. What is barrier potential?

  49. Define amplification.

  50. What is modulated wave?


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