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Model 2 Mark Creative Questions (New Syllabus) 2020

12th Standard EM

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Time : 01:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 54

    Part A

    27 x 2 = 54
  1. What is a Capacitor?

  2. Represent the variation of electric field due to point charge Q with
    a) magnitude of charge Q 
    b) r and
    c) \(\frac{1}{r^2}\) where r is the distance of the observation point from the charge. graphically.

  3. How does the energy stored. in a capacitor change it
    (i) after disconnecting the battery, the plates of a charged capacitor are moved faster.
    (ii) The battery remaining connected capacitance c∝\(\frac{1}{d}\), when plates of capacitor.

  4. Define instantaneous current

  5. The resistivity of materials depends upon what parameters?

  6. What is seeback effect?

  7. Mention are limitation of carbon resistors.

  8. Plot a graph showing the variation of circuit I various resistance R connected to a cell of emf E and internal resistance r.

  9. What is Magnetic field?

  10. When is a galvanometer said to be sensitive?

  11. What is meant by AC vollage.

  12. The motion of copper plate is damped when it is allowed to oscillate between the two poles of a magnet what is the cause of this damping?

  13. (i) How is the speed of Electromagnetic waves in vacuum determined by the electric and magnetic fields? and
    (ii) Do Electromagnetic waves carry energy and momentum?

  14. Define radius of curvature.

  15. What is cladding?

  16. Does the magnifying power of a microscope depend on the colour of the light used? Justify your answer,

  17. For the same angle of incidence, the angles of refraction in media P, Q and Rand 35°, 25°, 15° respectively. In which medium will the velocity of light be minimum?

  18. Why does a diamond sparkle with great brilliance?

  19. Name the phenomenon which shows the quantum nature of electromagnetic radiation.

  20. Which ray has high ionising power? Why?

  21. The ground state energy of hydrogen atom is -13.6 eV. What are k.E & P.E of the electron in this state?

  22. Define Rectification.

  23. What is called logical variables?

  24. Write the demerits of fiber optic communication?

  25. What is modulated wave?

  26. What kind of blueprint does the natural structure provide?

  27. What is the use of industrial robots?


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