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Frequently asked three mark questions

12th Standard EM

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Do not use any other pen other than blue
Time : 00:30:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 30

    Part - A

    Answer all the following questions

    11 x 3 = 33
  1. Explain zone refining process with an example using the Ellingham diagram given below

  2. (A) Predict the conditions under which
    (i) Aluminium might be expected to reduce magnesia.
    (ii) Magnesium could reduce alumina.
    (B) Carbon monoxide is more effective reducing agent than carbon below 983K but, above this temperature, the reverse is true –Explain.
    (c) it is possible to reduce Fe2O3 by coke at a temperature around 1200K

  3. Give the uses of zinc.

  4. Explain the electrometallurgy of aluminium

  5. Explain the following terms with suitable examples.
    (i) Gangue
    (ii) slag

  6. Give the basic requirement for vapour phase refining.

  7. What is gravity separation? (or)
    Explain hydraulic washing?

  8. What is cyanide leaching? Give an example

  9. What is cementation?

  10. What is meant by ammonia leaching?

  11. Explain alkali leaching in the extraction of aluminum,


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