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Important finding wrong statement questions in chemistry

12th Standard

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    Part - A

    Answer each of the following questions

    5 x 2 = 10
  1. About "Electrolytic refining"
    a) The crude metal is refined by electrolysis.
    b) The rods of impure metal are used as cathode.
    c) Thin strips of pure metal are used as cathode.
    d) Less electropositive impurities removed as anode mud.

  2. About "Van-Arkel''
    a)Van-Arkel method used for refining Zirconium.
    b) Aluminium is a bad conductor of heat.
    c) Aluminium shows high resistance to corrosion.
    d) Aluminium is a good conductor of heat

  3. a) Aluminium is used to produce die-castings
    b) Gold nanopartides used as an catalysts
    c) Copper is the first metal used by the human
    d) Brass is an alloy of zinc and copper

  4. a) Germanium is used as an semi conductor
    b) Stainless steel is an important alloy of Aluminum
    c) Zinc sulphide is used in making luminous paints.
    d) Brass an alloy of zinc is used in water valves

  5. a) Metallic oxides can be reduced by an alumino thermitc process.
    b) Flux + gangue\(\rightarrow\) slag
    c) Silica gangue present in the ore is basic in nature
    d) Cu2S + FeS \(\rightarrow\)Copper matter


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