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Dhandai Mata Education Society’ s College of Arts

Post Box No.50 ,Dhekusim Road Amalner ,

North Maharashtra University,

About College

Dhandaimata Education Society College of Arts builds a community of students who will make a positive difference to society and the lives of their fellow beings while leading fulfilling lives themselves. It makes the vision of founders a reality through value based education that focuses on their technical skills, ethical values, a spirit of enquiry and an urge to excel.

It aims to foster the total development of each student, in their uniqueness so that they becomes more fully humane alert to the needs of others, willing and prepared to give to others what they have received. Creates a sense of civil consciousness thereby contributing to the growth and development of the community.

Established : 2009
Founder : Shri. Vasantrao Tanaku Patil


  • Spacious building with pleasant surroundings
  • sports
  • scholarships
  • Staff Academy
  • Counseling center for students
  • Guidance for Competitive Exams
  • Student Welfare Department
  • ‘Earn and Learn’ scheme for students


  • F.Y.B.A.
  • S.Y.B.A
  • T.Y.B.A.

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