All Chapter 5 Marks

11th Standard

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Computer Technology

Time : 03:30:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 230
    Answer All The Following Question:
    46 x 5 = 230
  1. Explain the basic components of a computer with a neat diagram.

  2. Explain the following:
    a. Inkjet Printer
    b. Multimedia projector
    c. Bar code / QR code Reader

  3. Explain Non-Impact printers with an example.

  4. Explain booting of computer and its types.

  5. Convert (98.46)10 to bianary

  6. Subtract 11010112 - 1110102

  7. What is number system? Describe different number systems in detail.

  8. Perform the following binary computations:
    (A) 1010 + 1510
    (B) -1210 + 510
    (C) 1410 -1210
    (D) (-210) - (-610).

  9. Explain the characteristics of a microprocessor.

  10. Explain the types of ROM.

  11. Explain the classification of Microprocessor based on Instruction set?

  12. Define the following. (a) Bus (b) Data bus (c) Address bus (d) Control Bus

  13. Explain the concept of a Distributed Operating System.

  14. Explain the main purpose of an operating system

  15. Explain the classification of Opensource OS

  16. Answer the following:
    (a) Which Class of software the OS belongs?
    (b) What is the need of OS?
    (c) Why OS is important?
    (d) Name any three types of Operating systems.
    (e) Name any three functions of OS.

  17. Draw and compare the icon equivalence in windows and Ubnutu.

  18. Observe the figure and mark all the window elements, Identify the version of the Windows Os.

  19. Explain how will you find a file or folder in Windows.

  20. Explain the procedure of shutting down or logging of computer.

  21. What are the different methods to change margin in writer?

  22. What are Header and Footer? How do you insert page numbers?

  23. Explain the action performed by the following by the following shortcut key.
    1. Ctrl + S
    2. Ctrl + O
    3. Ctrl +Z
    4. Ctrl + C
    5. Ctrl + U
    6. Ctrl + M
    7. Ctrl + F
    8. Ctrl + E
    9. Ctrl + A
    10. Ctrl + Y

  24. Explain the types of paragraph alignment.

  25. How do you resize the position of a table?

  26. Write the steps to preview before printing and steps in printing a document.

  27. Explain How will you insert a table using Insert table dialog box.

  28. How will you insert mathematical equation in a document? Explain.

  29. Explain Mail Merge feature.

  30. Explain Address book feature.

  31. Write the steps to correct the word "Comupter" into "Computer" automatically

  32. Explain the steps to perform mail merge speration

  33. Write the steps to generate the following series. 5, 10, 20 ….. 2560.

  34. Read the following table

        A     B     C     D     E  
      1     Year     Chennai     Madurai     Tiruchi     Coimbatore 
    2 2012 1500 1250 1000 500
    3 2013 1600 1000 950 350
    4 2014 1900 1320 750 300
    5 2015 1850 1415 820 200
    6 2016 1950 1240 920 250

    Above table shows the sales figures for “Air Cooler” sold in four major cities of Tamilnadu from the year 2012 to 2016. Based on this data, write the formula to calculate the following.
    (1) Total sales in the year 2015.
    (2) Total sales in Coimbatore from 2012 to 2016.
    (3) Total sales in Madurai and Tiruchi during 2015 and 2016.
    (4) Average sales in Chennai from 2012 to 2016
    (5) In 2016, how many “Air Coolers” are sold in Chennai compared to Coimbatore?

  35. Explain how to format a worksheet

  36. Discuss in detail the steps to create chart in OpenOffice calc.

  37. Create a student database with register number, student name, Mark1, Mark2, and Mark3. Calculate the total and average of the students. Show the marks which are below 50 in red colour and marks above 50 is shown in green colour.

  38. Explain the applications of Header and Footer with example.

  39. Valarmathi’s teacher asks her to create a presentation in OpenOffice Impress. As Valarmathi has never worked in Impress before, help her to perform the following tasks:
    a. She wants that except for the first slide, all the slides should have the same design. For this, what does she need to do?
    b. To easily communicate with her audience, she wants to provide them with a hard copy of the slides of the presentation. What should she create for it?
    c. She wants to insert some pictures and movie files in some slides. How can she do that?
    d. Suggest her the view that would be the most suitable for showing the presentation to the audience.
    e. To make her presentation more attractive, she wants to add some effects in it. How can she do it? Suggest.

  40. Sivabalan created a presentation to be shown at his school’s Annual Function. Just 5 minutes before the presentation, he noticed that he has misspelt the name of the school, which is appearing in all the 30 slides of the presentation. How can he rectify this mistake in all the slides in one-shot?

  41. Discuss in detail about Graphic Objects feature in Presentation.

  42. List out and explain advantages of Master slides in presentation.

  43. Define Topology. Explain different topologies using schematic diagram.

  44. Define wired technology. Explain the common types of bounded media in the data transmission.

  45. Describe WWW with its components?

  46. What are the morals that society adheres to?


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