All Chapter 2 Marks

11th Standard

    Reg.No. :

Computer Technology

Time : 01:30:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 96
    Answer All The Following Question:
    48 x 2 = 96
  1. What are the components of a CPU?

  2. Differentiate Input and output unit

  3. Name the types of computer introduced in Fourth generation computers.

  4. What does reboot mean?

  5. What is data?

  6. Convert (46)10 into Binary number

  7. Write a short note on NAND Gate

  8. What is Tamil glyphs?

  9. What is a program counter?

  10. What is HDMI?

  11. Which Microprocessor supports the minimal instruction set?

  12. Differentiate RAM and ROM.

  13. What is the multi-user Operating system?

  14. What are the security management features available in Operating System?

  15. What is the major drawback of priority scheduling?

  16. What is a mobile OS?

  17. What is the advantage of open source?

  18. How will you log off from Ubuntu OS?

  19. Name the Linux free server distributions.

  20. What is Ambiance in Ubuntu OS?

  21. What is Text formatting?

  22. What are the different packages in Open Office writer?

  23. Writer the contents of openoffice writer window.

  24. Name the default toolbars available in openoffice writer document

  25. How do you insert pictures in to your document?

  26. How do you split and merge cells in a table?

  27. Differentiate the key tab and shift + tab?

  28. What does = < B2 : B10 > denotes?

  29. What is Address book?

  30. How will you replace a misspelled word with a correct word?

  31. Name the facilities used to sent a list of documents to different recipients

  32. Which does not require data source facilities?

  33. Write the general syntax of constructing a formula in Calc.

  34. Differentiate between Copy -Paste and Cut-Paste.

  35. What are the types of Cell addressing?

  36. What is Chart?

  37. What is sorting?

  38. Write the steps to format the margin of the paper as 1” in all sides.

  39. What is the difference between a slide and a slide show?

  40. Define a template in Impress.

  41. Define Extended Tips option?

  42. Define slide master.

  43. Define Computer network.

  44. Differentiate 3G and 4G communication.

  45. What is Student networking?

  46. What is Phishing?

  47. Write a short note about Tamil Programming Language.

  48. What is TSCII?


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