All Chapter 3 Marks

11th Standard

    Reg.No. :

Computer Technology

Time : 02:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 138
    Answer All The Following Question:
    46 x 3 = 138
  1. Write the applications of computer

  2. Write the significant features of monitor.

  3. What is Machine language?

  4. Write a note on Touch Screen.

  5. Write note on binary number System

  6. Add: 
    (i) -2210 + 1510 
    (ii) 2010+2510

  7. Convert B2F16 to octal

  8. Answer the following.
    1. A real number consists of __________part and ____part
    2. 1's complement of 110012 = ______ 
    3. ASC16 Stands for
    4 4793  = 0.4793 x ______

  9. Differentiate Computer Organization from Computer Architecture.

  10. How will you differentiate a flash memory and an EEPROM?

  11. What is the use of System Bus?

  12. Differentiate Primary Memory and secondary memory.

  13. Explain and list out examples of mobile operating system.

  14. Explain the process management algorithms in Operating System

  15. Write the types of Operating System?

  16. Give an example of Real Time Processing.

  17. Analyse: Why the drives are segregated?

  18. Write the specific use of Cortana.

  19. Write a note on Microsoft Edge.

  20. Name the methods followed while copying files and folders to removable disk.

  21. What are the different ways to save a document?

  22. Write the steps to change the line spacing of text.

  23. Write the advantages of using Openoffice.

  24. What are the various methods of creating Open office write document?

  25. How do you insert rows and columns?

  26. How do you change the clarity of the picture in background?

  27. How will you change the text direction in writer table?

  28. What is the purpose of using Auto Text? Give example.

  29. List the advantages of the Mail Merge feature.

  30. List out the data sources in Mail Merge.

  31. Write the four sections of Insert Address block option in mail merge wizard.

  32. Name the control buttons in spelling dialog box.

  33. Write a short note on OpenOffice Calc.

  34. Differentiate Deleting data using Backspace and Delete.

  35. Differentiate relative Cell addressing from absolute cell addressing

  36. What are functions in OpenOffice Calc?

  37. Write the steps for sorting the database based on the customer name in ascending order.

  38. Write the steps to print the title row on every page of the spread-sheet.

  39. Define the Slide Sorter view and its significance.

  40. How are transition effects helpful in creating an effective presentation in Impress?

  41. How to create first slide in presentation?

  42. How to Deleting a Slide in presentation?

  43. Differentiate Web page, Web browser and a Web Server.

  44. Write short notes on the following: a) Hub b) Switch c) Gateway

  45. How does the search engine work?

  46. Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media for the Society?


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