Introduction to Spreadsheet Two Marks Questions

11th Standard

    Reg.No. :

Computer Technology

Time : 00:45:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 20
    10 x 2 = 20
  1. What are the types of toolbars available in OpenOffice calc?

  2. What is a Cell pointer?

  3. Write about the text operator in OpenOffice Calc.

  4. Write the general syntax of constructing a formula in Calc.

  5. What are the keyboard shortcuts to cut, copy and paste?

  6. Can you edit the contents of a cell? If yes, explain any one of the method of editing the cell content.

  7. What are the options available in “Insert Cells” dialog box?

  8. Match the following

     A   B 
     (a) Cut, Copy and Paste       (1) Absolute Cell   
     (b) Cell pointer   (2) Status bar
     (c) Selection Mode   (3) Standard Toolbar    
     (d) $A$5   (4) Active cell
  9. Define the following (i) Text Operator (ii) Rows and Columns of spreadsheet.

  10. Differentiate between Copy -Paste and Cut-Paste.


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