+1 Public Exam March 2019 Important Creative Questions and Answers

11th Standard

    Reg.No. :

Computer Technology

Time : 02:30:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 230
    70 x 2 = 140
  1. What is a computer?

  2. What is the function of an ALU?

  3. Distinguish Primary and Secondary memory.

  4. Name the Second generation computers.

  5. What is NLP?

  6. What is Non-Impact printers?

  7. Name the different keys available in the keyboard.

  8. How BIOS works in a computer system?

  9. Write the 1's complement procedure

  10. List the encoding systems that represents characters in memory

  11. What Is Boolean Algebra?

  12. List the types of information stored in a computer

  13. Convert EB4A16 to decimal

  14. What is an instruction?

  15. What is HDMI?

  16. Name the communication channels between the microprocessor and other devices in the computer.

  17. What is instruction set?

  18. What is Bus?

  19. Define Decoder. 

  20. What is memory access time?

  21. Expand RISC and CISC

  22. Which component of Microprocessor is used to transfer data?

  23. What are the advantages of memory management in Operating System?

  24. What is the multi-user Operating system?

  25. What are the security management features available in Operating System?

  26. What is multi-processing?

  27. What is Open source Software?

  28. What is freeware?

  29. Write a note on Multi user operating system.

  30. What do you mean by Time Sharing OS?

  31. What is Storage Management?

  32. Write a note on android.

  33. What is workstation?

  34. What is the use of a file extension?

  35. Differentiate Files and Folders

  36. What is the advantage of open source?

  37. What is Launcher?

  38. What is root directory?

  39. What is Ubuntu?

  40. What is the difference between UNIX and LINUX?

  41. What is Text formatting?

  42. State the difference between Propietary software and open source software.

  43. How do you make corrections to your document?

  44. Write the steps to insert special characters in a document?

  45. What is the use of WordArt in writer?

  46. What is Mail Merge?

  47. What is Data source?

  48. What can be accessed through openoffice mail merge?

  49. What are the types of toolbars available in OpenOffice calc?

  50. Write about the text operator in OpenOffice Calc.

  51. Write the general syntax of constructing a formula in Calc.

  52. Can you edit the contents of a cell? If yes, explain any one of the method of editing the cell content.

  53. How to select continuous and non-continuous sheets in OpenOffice Calc?

  54. What are the types of Cell addressing?

  55. What is sorting?

  56. What are the type of the filters?

  57. What is the difference between a slide and a slide show?

  58. Define a template in Impress.

  59. Define Extended Tips option?

  60. Define slide master.

  61. Define Computer network.

  62. What is spamming?

  63. Differentiate 3G and 4G communication.

  64. What is Digital cash?

  65. What is Social Networking?

  66. What is computer Ethics?

  67. What is Phishing?

  68. What are viruses in computer?

  69. List of the search engines supporting Tamil.

  70. What is TSCII?

  71. 30 x 3 = 90
  72. What are the characteristics of a computer?

  73. Differentiate optical and Laser mouse.

  74. What is Robotics?

  75. Write a note on Touch Screen.

  76. Differentiate Impact Printers and Non-Impact Printers.

  77. What is radix of a number system? Give example

  78. Reason out why the NAND an NOR are called universal gates?

  79. What is MSB, LSB and Binary point? Give example.

  80. Complete the Table
    1) 0 - 0  = _
    2) _​​​​​​​ - 0 = 1
    3) 1 -1  =  _​​​​​​​
    4) 0 -1  = _​​​​​​​

  81. Write down the classifications of microprocessors based on the instruction set.

  82. How will you differentiate a flash memory and an EEPROM?

  83. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Time-sharing features?

  84. Write the specific use of Cortana.

  85. Differentiate Thunderbird and Firefox in Ubuntu OS.

  86. What is the difference between moving and copying text?

  87. What are the different types of orientation?

  88. How do you insert rows and columns?

  89. List the advantages of the Mail Merge feature.

  90. Write about inserting columns and rows in Calc.

  91. Differentiate relative Cell addressing from absolute cell addressing

  92. What is range? Give example.

  93. Write the steps for sorting the database based on the customer name in ascending order.

  94. How many types of views are provided by Impress to its users?

  95. How are transition effects helpful in creating an effective presentation in Impress?

  96. How to create first slide in presentation?

  97. Differentiate Web page, Web browser and a Web Server.

  98. Write short notes on the following: a) Hub b) Switch c) Gateway

  99. Differntitate between Intranet and Internet?

  100. What is Electronic Wallets?

  101. Explain Ransomware:


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