11th Public Exam March 2019 Important 5 Marks Questions

11th Standard

    Reg.No. :

Computer Technology

Time : 02:30:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 200
    40 x 5 = 200
  1. Explain the basic components of a computer with a neat diagram.

  2. Discuss the various generations of computers

  3. Explain in detail the different types of Mouse.

  4. Explain Non-Impact printers with an example.

  5. What are Registers? Explain the five Registers that are essential for instruction execution.

  6. How AND and OR can be realized using NAND and NOR gate

  7. Explain the following terms in detail. (1) ASCII (2) BCD (3) EBCDIC

  8. Convert the Following - (3674)8 \(\rightarrow \) (?2) = (?)10

  9. How the read and write operations are performed by a processor? Explain.

  10. Explain the types of ROM.

  11. Explain the classification of Microprocessor based on Instruction set?

  12. Define the following. (a) Bus (b) Data bus (c) Address bus (d) Control Bus

  13. Explain the concept of a Distributed Operating System.

  14. Explain the main purpose of an operating system

  15. Explain memory management techniques.

  16. Explain the classification of Opensource OS

  17. Explain the versions of Windows Operating System.

  18. Write the procedure to create, rename, delete and save a file in Ubuntu OS. Compare it with Windows OS.

  19. Write the important functions of an operating system?

  20. Explain the different types of icons of windows desktop

  21. Explain the different methods of moving files and folders in windows.

  22. What are the different methods to change margin in writer?

  23. What are the different types of paragraph alignment?

  24. Write the steps to find and replace a word with another in Open Office writer.

  25. Write the advantages of using Tamil Interface. While typing in Tamil.

  26. Explain How will- you move the text in word processor.

  27. Write the steps to create autotext for a word.

  28. How do you resize the position of a table?

  29. Explain How will you insert a table using Insert table dialog box.

  30. Explain Mail Merge feature.

  31. Explain Auto correct option.

  32. Explain about changing the column width in Calc.

  33. Discuss in detail the steps to create chart in OpenOffice calc.

  34. Explain the applications of Header and Footer with example.

  35. List some advantages of using templates.

  36. Discuss in detail about Graphic Objects feature in Presentation.

  37. Define Topology. Explain different topologies using schematic diagram.

  38. Mention the types of wireless technologies we are using. Write in brief on each of them.

  39. Describe WWW with its components?

  40. What are the Guidliness for working of Internet?


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