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Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals Two Marks Questions

11th Standard

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Time : 00:45:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 20
    10 x 2 = 20
  1. Substantiate lithium fluoride has the lowest solubility among group one metal fluorides.

  2. Beryllium halides are Covalent whereas magnesium halides are ionic why?

  3. Write balanced chemical equation for the following processes
    (a) heating calcium in oxygen
    (b) heating calcium carbonate
    (c) evaporating a solution of calcium hydrogen carbonate
    (d) heating calcium oxide with carbon

  4. An alkali metal (x) forms a hydrated sulphate, X2SO4•10H2O. Is the metal more likely to be sodium (or) potassium.

  5. Why alkaline earth metals are harder than alkali metals.

  6. Explain the following:
    Alkali metals have the lowest ionisation enthalpy compared to other elements in the respective period.

  7. Alkali metals give a characteristics colour for a bunsen flame. Explain why?

  8. Explain why alkali metals are very reactive.

  9. Lithium iodide is covalent. Explain why?

  10. Which is more readily formed CSCI or NaCl, by the reaction of metal with chlorine? Explain.


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