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Full Portion Two Marks Question Paper

11th Standard

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Total Marks : 50
    25 x 2 = 50
  1. What do you understand by the term mole

  2. Define equivalent mass

  3. Balance the following equations by oxidation number method - \({ K }Mno_{ 4 }+{ Na }_{ 2 }{ So }_{ 3 }\longrightarrow { MnO }_{ 2 }+{ Na }_{ 2 }{ So }_{ 4 }+KOH\)

  4. Which atom is considered to be a standard atom by 1UPAC to measure atomic masses and what is its atomic mass?

  5. Calculate the equivalent mass of the following - Sodium Hydroxide

  6. Give the number of electrons in the following species. H2 , H2 , O2 and O2- 

  7. Explain what is meant by efflerescence.

  8. Give the mathematical expression that relates gas volume and moles. Describe in words what the mathematical expression means.

  9. Define Hess's law of constant heat summation.

  10. What the relation between KP and KC. Give one example for which KP is equal to KC.

  11. Define equilibrium constant.

  12. State Raoult law and obtain expression for lowering of vapour pressure when nonvolatile solute is dissolved in solvent.

  13. Define bond energy.

  14. Write a note on homologous series.

  15. Explain the preparation of sodium fusion extract.

  16. Write the structural formula for the following compounds.
    (i) cyclohexa-I, 3-diene
    (ii) methyl cyclopentane

  17. What are electrophiles and nucleophiles? Give suitable examples for each.

  18. What are all the sources for human body that produces free radicals?

  19. Write the chemical equations for combustion of propane.

  20. Mention the uses of alkenes.

  21. Why chlorination of methane is not possible in dark?

  22. Write a chemical reaction useful to prepare the following:
    i) Freon-12 from Carbon tetrachloride
    ii) Carbon tetrachloride from carbon disulphide

  23. Explain the action of Ethyl chloroformate with Methyl magnesium iodide.
    Ethyl chloroformate reacts with Grignard reagent to form esters as follows

  24. (i) Pick the acid odd out with respect to acid rain. H2SO4 , HCl, HNO3 , H2CO3 , CH3COOH, H2SO3
    (ii) Name the regions of atmosphere were, the temperature increases and decreases with altitude.

  25. A large number of fishes are suddenly found floating dead on a lake. There is no evidence of toxic dumping but you find an abundance of phytoplankton. Suggest a reason for the fish killing


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