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Quantum Mechanical Model of Atom Public two mark questions - II

11th Standard

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Time : 00:40:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 40

    Part - A

    21 x 2 = 42
  1. How many unpaired electrons are present in the ground state of
    (i) Cr3+ (Z = 24) (ii) Ne (Z = 10)

  2. What is meant by electronic configuration? Write the electronic configuration of N (Z = 7).

  3. Which is the actual configuration of Cr ( Z = 24). Why?

  4. What is the actual configuration of copper (Z = 29)? Explain about its stability.

  5. Write a note about J.J. Thomson's atomic model.

  6. Explain about theory of electromagnetic radiation.

  7. Explain how matter has dual character?

  8. Explain about the significance of de Broglie equation.

  9. How many electrons can be accommodated in the main shell I,m and n?

  10. How many electrons that can be accommodated in the subshell s, p, d, f?

  11. What are quantum numbers?

  12. How many orbitals are possible in the 3rd energy level?

  13. What are \(\psi\) and ​​​​​​​\(\psi^2\)?

  14. What is meant by nodal surface?

  15. Calculate the total number of angular nodes and radial nodes present in 4p and 4d orbitals.

  16. Write the equation to calculate the energy of nth orbit.

  17. What are degenerate orbitals?

  18. Energy of an electron in hydrogen atom in ground state is -13.6 eV. What is the energy of the electron in the third excited state?

  19. Mention the shape of s, p, d orbitals.

  20. The energies of the same orbital decreases with an increase in the atomic number. Justify this statement.

  21. State Hund's rule of maximum multiplicity


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