Public exam five mark questions Periodic Classification Of Elements

11th Standard

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Answer any 10 questions
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    Part - A

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  1. Give the structural features of modern periodic law.

  2. Mention Anomalies of Mendeleev's periodic table.

  3. How do you classify of elements into blocks? Give their electronic configuration.

  4. Give the characteristics of p-block elements.

  5. Give any five characteristic properties of inner transition elements.

  6. List out and compare the chemical properties of metals and non-metals.

  7. What are the factors which influence the electron gain enthalpy?

  8. Bring out the differences between electro negativity and electron affinity

  9. Calculate the effective nuclear charge experienced by the 4s electron in potassium atom.

  10. Calculate the effective nuclear charge of the last electron in an atom whose configuration is 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p5 

  11. I.E increases as we move across the period but Ionisation enthalpies (I.E) of second period of elements in the order.
    Li < B < Be < C < O < N < F < Ne
    Explain why?
    (i) Be has higher I.E and B
    (ii) O has lower I.E than N & F

  12. What are the factors influencing ionization enthalpy.

  13. Given the bona lengths of H2, Cl2, C - C bond in diamond, Si - C bond in carborundum and C - CI bond in CCl4 are 0.74, 1.9, 1.54, 1.93 and 1.76A respectively, find the covalent radius of hydrogen, chlorine, carbon in diamond, silicon and carbon in CCI4.

  14. Calculate the ionic Radii of Na+ and F- ion in NaF crystal whose interionic distance is equal to 231 pm


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